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Arnaud Rebotini - Someone Gave Me Religion (CD)

Arnaud Rebotini - Someone Gave Me Religion (CD)

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Blackstrobe Records proudly presents Arnaud Rebotini's second album "Someone Gave Me Religion". The first track "The First Thirteen Minutes Of Love" opens the album with over ten minutes of ambient grooves which are unlike anything you're likely to have heard in years. A long, elegiac composition somewhere between Carl Craig and the chill-out zone at a bygone rave. It's a warning; take a deep breath before being swept away by eight tracks that span Detroit and Berlin, Front 242 and Carl Craig linking them via soaring trance and carefullycrafted minimal sounds. The sound of the 90s, the sound of the new millennium. This record will set pulses and heart beats racing on club dancefloors the world over. This is by no means "Music Components Volume 2". Open your mind and embrace this new approach, this different angle and another side of Arnaud Rebotini's return to machines. "Someone Gave Me Religion" is an album resonating from the live tour that followed "Music Components", where from behind his machines, Arnaud Rebotini launched into his music confronting it with the harsh reality of the dancefloor. Once again, composer, producer and remixer Arnaud Rebotini makes the live orientation of the project his priority by working with his TR-808, SH-101, TR-909, TB-303 and Juno 60.

Auch als Vinyl erhältlich!

Tracklist von "Arnaud Rebotini - Someone Gave Me Religion":

  1. The First Thirteen Minutes Of Love
  2. Another Time, Another Place
  3. Personal Dictator
  4. Another Dictator
  5. Echoes
  6. All You Need Is Techno
  7. Who Gonna Play This Old Machine?
  8. Extreme Condition Demand Extreme Response
  9. The Choir Of The Dead Lovers

Arnaud Rebotini - The First Thirteen Minutes Of Love - Someone Gave Me Religion

Medium: CD, Audio
Genre: Techno
Set Inhalt: 1 Disc(s)
Vö-Datum: 20.05.2011
EAN: 730003650321
Label: Blackstrobe Records

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