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Mory Kanté - La Guinéenne (CD)

Mory Kanté - La Guinéenne (CD)

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With La Guinéenne, Mory Kanté pays a tribute to Women, a full-throated praise song to the women of the world, whose sacrifice, dedication, and centrality to human progress is too often met with oppression and neglect. La Guinéenne is also a musical tour de force from a pioneer whose work has helped define the musical language of post-independence Africa, and who remains one of the most forceful bandleaders and compelling vocalists in African music today. Mory Kanté was born in 1950 in the village of Albadariya in the region of Kissidougou, Guinea. He moved to Bamako, Mali, at age 15 to continue his studies, and soon found himself playing in a neighborhood band called The Apollos, a group that mixed traditional instruments like the balafon and ngoni with Western ones. Soon Kanté began his celebrated tenure in the Rail Band of Bamako, trailblazers in the blending of African tradition and Western style. Recruited in 1971, Kanté shared the stage with the likes of Salif Keita and master guitarist Djelimady Tounkara. Kanté broke off from the Rail Band in the late '70s and pursued a solo career in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He began with a traditional ensemble and built from there, taking more and more inspiration from the popular dance music of the day. By the time he moved to Paris in the early '80s, he was on his way to creating a visionary new sound. His watershed moment came with the song "Yeke Yeke". La Guinéenne marks Kanté's return to his trademark, big band sound. It also marks his return to Guinea. Kanté recorded the original tracks for La Guinéenne in Conakry, at a moment of reinvention in Guinea, following a period of deep political turmoil. Kanté then took the tracks to Paris, where he worked closely with producer Philippe Avril and a 5-piece brass section from the north of Norway to complete the album. The result is a genuinely bi-cultural creation, rooted in authentic West African folklore, and gleaming with the polish and precision of top-flight contemporary production. The album's 10 songs offer something more-sage advice and grooves to rally the spirit. With 27 musicians participating, the opener "Yarabini" delivers a brassy juggernaut of melody and rhythm, and a paternal embrace of Guinean youth. The balafon-driven "Tedekou" celebrates the dances surrounding courtship and marriage with the message that the old traditions still apply today. On the sultry, Latin-tinged "Sikaa," Kanté advises that one should always investigate doubts. "Sarantan" features a characteristic sound of Guinea-a blend of Fulani flute and Mande balafon in a swirl of dance pop bliss. But the joyful groove harbors a stern warning against dishonest and conniving people, found in all societies at all times. "Nodiche" offers a similar warning, this time specifically against men who manipulate and abuse women. Women are paramount in these songs. The title track, "La Guineénne," is an august celebration of the mothers of humanity. "Malibala" is a reggae song, set in the pentatonic mode of Mali's Bambara people, and it is filled with gratitude for Malians. The song "Oh Oh Oh" is based on a traditional Guinean song, but its feisty beat and production, and the incorporation of verses in French and Spanish, underscore the universal message that lies at the heart of Mory Kanté's consistent artistic statement: modern African music, and life, must start with tradition, and then embrace the whole wide world. It's a message this singular artist has lived every day of his extraordinary life.

Tracklist von "Mory Kanté - La Guinéenne":

  1. Yarabini
  2. La Guinéenne
  3. Tedekou
  4. Oh Oh Oh
  5. Sarantan
  6. Mbalia
  7. Bedoke
  8. Sikaa
  9. Malibala
  10. Nodiche

Medium: CD, Audio
Genre: Weltmusik
Set Inhalt: 1 Disc(s)
Vö-Datum: 31.12.2012
EAN: 3700426917414
Label: Discograph

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